Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tony Horton speaks on Yoga X

Tony Horton and P90X

I love, love, love Tony Horton and P90X!!! I'm about to complete my 2nd round of P90X. I did the "Classic Version" about a year ago. Now I'm doing the "Lean Version".

I'm not a gym type of person. I like working out at home when it's convenient for me without a lot of people around.

Tony’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  He is also great at pushing us to do our best.  Not to mention he’s a funny man. 

Through my P90X Journey I have been drinking Shakeology which is the best and become a Beachbody coach.  So if you have any questions I’m here to answer them.

This blog will consist of videos, quotes and anything else I can find on Tony Horton.